Bedroom Views

Triple High Sleeper

Children's Bedroom Furniture Spacesaver Triple High Sleeper with Huge Storage Space in the Form of Drawers incorporated into the Stairs

Triple High Sleeper Spacesaver

Mid Triple Sleeper Bed with a Playhouse & Slide

This is our Mid Sleeper Triple Bed with a Den and Slide with  drawers in the stairs and.

Children's Play Bed a Mid Sleeper Triple Bed with a Den and Slide with Drawers

Mid Sleeper Triple Bed with a Den and Slide

The Brief

The brief was to build a triple bed with all full size single for a young family, with storage, for an average sized bedroom. Working closely with the client this is what we designed and produced.

With a lot of communication with the client we decided that we could include all three single beds and a playhouse, slide and drawers in the stairs. As you can see the pictures in the factory (unpainted) are different to the finished beds this is because we built it in the factory but because we always inform the client of the process the client wanted it in a different order. This bed can also be made as a quad bed by changing the playhouse to an extra bed.

High Triple Sleeper Bed with Storage

This is our High Sleeper Triple Bed with Storage in the stairs, under the middle bed and in shelf form.


The Brief

The brief for this was to create a triple bed for a small room with lots of storage but not wardrobes, and somewhere to put the family’s story books.

The Outcome

The outcome was this. A high sleeper full single triple bed set. Incorporating five drawers in the stairs, a four drawer chest under the middle bed and a book-shelf at the foot of the bed


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