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Two Story Play House Bed With Garden and Slide

This is my latest creation yet to be completed, this will be a two-story cottage with a white picket fence and with a garden gate. This yet again has been so much fun to build for a very special little lady. If you want somewhere safe for your children to play and have an idea of a dream bed then we can help. Imagine Greater with Plan It Wood. This Deluxe Two Story Playhouse Bed With A Slide is £6000 excluding mattress, delivery and installation.

How This Playhouse Bed Above Was After Painting

Playhouse Bed

This Deluxe Two Storey Playhouse Themed Bed is full of fun for the imagination of a child, finished in a double shade of pink, white, and charcoal tiled roofs.

This creation is uniquely designed and built from Plan-IT-Wood. It has everything your little one would want.

The bed has drawers in the stairs, a slide, shingles pitched roof, window boxes, front door, white Pickett fence with a gate, it goes on and on.

As our beds are custom made to order you can change anything you wish to suit you and your child.

This bed is £3000 excluding mattresses or mattress, delivery and installation.

Imagine Greater with Plan It Wood.

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