Welcome to our website for truly bespoke, hand crafted themed beds and furniture for both children and adults.

Our Mission Statement

I am sure most companies will and do say anything to sell their products, but here at Plan-It Wood we have three main goals.

First Goal, Child Safety.

Our main priority is that Child Safety is paramount and most important to us and we will not sell any product without it being up to and beyond all current Safety Standards Criteria.

Second Goal, Quality & Assurance

All products used to build our beds and furniture will be that of equal quality to our craftsmanship and therefore assure it will never be let down be substandard or cheaper alternatives.

Third Goal Profit & Growth.

The profit & growth of the business will always exist, but not at the expense of our first two goals.

Customers can always buy cheaper products like ours elsewhere, but here at Plan-It Wood, we believe you can not buy a better product or service.

Our Limits are your Imagination. Put Us To The Test!

Imagine Greater

Here at Plan-IT Wood we offer truly bespoke products, hand-built around your needs and wants. Whether you are commissioning something for a large bedroom or looking to fit something in a small room and space is at a premium. We will always make sure that the processes from first contact through to delivery & installation is as seamless and stress-free for you as possible.

Pride & Passion

We pride ourselves in the design & manufacture of the highest quality and finish of each creation we build. We only use the finest quality timbers and fittings to guarantee the quality and safety of our products are not compromised in our creations. In the design of our creations we build them to merge solid wood posts to every stressed point to make sure that it lasts a lifetime, disassembled our beds at any time and be re-built them as solid as when they were first built.

Initial Contact & Design Brief

At first contact we will discuss you requirements and ask what are the most important features of your bed or furniture, this could be storage, stairs etc, and what you would like to have incorporated within it, this could be a desk, slide or a den etc. Often when commissioned to create a theme like a favourite character or game or even a landmark, we will ask how much room you have in the place you want your bed. From this information and any other information you have given us, we can then design something that suits all your needs and desires unique to you. The budget is also very important so this will be discussed with the customer and incorporated into the brief.


Once you have approved the design and wish to go ahead with your order. We will then ask for a deposit which then puts your bed in the queue for manufacture.

As all of our creations are custom designed and manufactured around your needs if you were to cancel your order by no fault of our own, we would then have to sell it at a drastically reduced price so we will ask for a deposit of 50% of the total price of your piece.


Your design will be meticulously hand-built by our skilled craftsmen in our workshop in Middlesbrough, England. The time taken for manufacture is unique to each piece and depends on factors such as size and complexity.

Delivery & Installation

Upon completion of your project we will make sure that delivery and installation will be carried out in most cases by the same craftsmen that manufactured your creation as they will know the products assembly needs.

Plan-it wood Children’s Themed Beds

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